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Groome's Brick Repair is happy to provide free estimates on repairs in the Hampton Roads area, including Yorkton and Pongo. Call (757) 383-8614 to schedule an appointment. A local business, we are properly licensed and our prices are very affordable.

The Repairs You Need

Don't leave your next brick or masonry repair to chance. We handle a wide variety of repair and replacement services, including:

Brick & Mortar Step
Chimney & Fireplace
Cracked Brick Masonry Repairs
Cracked Mortar Masonry Repairs

Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

Insurance companies expect your chimney to be in good condition. We make repairs to the bricks or mortar and can also install a cap or crown. When fireplace bricks begin to wear and cracks develop in the mortar, call us for a free estimate before the damage increases.

Brick Repointing

Repointing brickwork fills voids that have opened in the mortar, which prevents water from entering the brickwork and causing damage. Call today for more details!

Lintel Replacement

Lintels are found above windows, doors, and garages. Sometimes cracked mortar and stress-cracked bricks are caused by rotted lintels. Lintels act as support for the brick and masonry work installed above each lintel. Most rotting lintels are made of steel that rusts and deteriorates.

We replace each bad lintel with a brand new galvanized lintel. Galvanizing protects the metal, and our lintels are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Restoring the support provided by the lintel will eliminate stress cracks from developing in the mortar and bricks. Contact our masonry brick repair constractor today for a free estimate.